Qube WiFi Smart Bulb

Upgrading your home to a "smart home" can be a huge investment. However, not every smart home device has to be.  The Qube WiFi Smart Bulb is an affordable smart lighting solution that costs only about $19 per bulb.  In comparison, the Philips Hue Bulbs and LiFX Bulbs run at $50 and $60 respectively.  That means you can buy 3 Qube bulbs … Continue reading Qube WiFi Smart Bulb


Kollen Bookshelf

In case you constantly find yourself running out of shelf space, the Kollen Bookshelf may be your perfect solution. This cleverly designed shelf is modular and interactive which can be suited to anyone's needs.   It's structure is made out of independent, adaptable pieces that can each be placed up or down, which can together form your … Continue reading Kollen Bookshelf